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12.11.14 | Knowledge

DIGITAL SYNESTHESIA. Zapping perceptions!

by kg

Katharina Gsöllpointner and Romana Schuler introduced the up-date of the DIGITAL SYNESTHESIA project to fellow artistic researchers at the University of Applied Arts Vienna.

The ‘Applied Practise‘ lecture series at the University of Applied Arts Vienna provides the possibility for artistic researchers to share their experiences, knowledge and questions regarding methodology, transdisciplinarity and dissemination aspects of their innovative explorative forms of research.

Within this field the DIGITAL SYNESTHESIA research project represents typical features of artistic research processes as well as a unique research approach in terms of its autologic and self-referential design: By means of the use and design of media, artists as THE experts for aesthetics (Greek: ‘perception’, ‘perceptiveness’) explore the genuine pre-conditions of the role of media for perception as well as the cross- and interrelations of its sensory modalities.