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12.05.15 | Knowledge

DIGITAL SYNESTHESIA @ Interface Cultures

by kg

In her guest lecture at the Interface Cultures Department of the Art University Linz, Katharina Gsöllpointner introduced the state of the art of the DIGITAL SYNESTHESIA project to an exclusive group of undergraduates, post-graduates and teaching staff from the department and university.

Presentation slide w/ "Hörzu" by Peter Weibel

In her almost two-hour lecture at Interface Cultures Katharina Gsöllpointner presented a summary of the project’s main ideas and goals and of its arts-based methodology as well as of its current state. She continued with an introduction about the concept of the 13 senses of digital art and finished the presentation with her theoretical model of structural aesthetic correlations between synesthesia and digital art. The audience, consisting of junior and senior artists and researchers, was extremely attentive to the research project’s trans- and interdisciplinary topics, and in the closing discussion contributed some very interesting questions and comments on it.