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11.12.14 | Events

Perceiving (Augmented) Realities

by kg

DIGITAL SYNESTHESIA participating artist Tamiko Thiel presented her Augmented-Reality-pioneer work at the Department of Digital Art at University of Applied Arts Vienna.

Tamiko Thiel demonstrating how 'Fractured Visions' work.

Tamiko gave an overview of her artistic research in Virtual and Augmented Reality since the beginning of the 1990ies. In her fascinating talk where she also introduced early cooperations with e.g. Steven Spielberg she set a focus on recent works like Biomer Skelters which literally zoom into the realization of AR-interventions in public spaces around the world.

The artist also enthusiastically reported about her cooperation with neuroscientists within the transdiciplinary research project Fractured Visions, where scientists were deeply puzzled by questions asked by the artist regarding the MODES of visual perception in people with perceptive dysfunctions.  Both the scientists’ and the artist’s work has been extraordinarily enriched by the mutual exchange of research methods and designs.

Within the frame of DIGITAL SYNESTHESIA Tamiko will realize the interactive and intermodal media installation I AM SOUND in cooperation with composer and musician Christoph Reiserer.