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02.10.14 | Events

Media art pioneer Jeffrey Shaw in Vienna

by kg

DIGITAL SYNESTHESIA partner and group member Jeffrey Shaw held a striking talk at the Department of Digital Art at University of Applied Arts Vienna on October 2, 2014.

Jeffrey Shaw in Vienna

Jeffrey Shaw gave an exquisite talk about his work since the 1960ies when he already dealed with the notions of immersiveness, embodiment and interactivity. An enthusiastic audience with many young artists amongst them were thrilled by Shaw’s early Expanded Cinema concepts like the “Movie Movie” (1969) or his milestones of interactive art like the “Legible City” (1988-1991). Especially impressive was Jeffrey’s  presentation of his manifold digital Cultural Heritage projects like in Hampi, India and Dunhuang, China as well as his recent immersive installations which do artistic research about the inter-modalities of poetry and language with digital visual art, e.g. “The Lost Ones” after Samuel Beckett.