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14.04.14 | Events

DIGITAL SYNESTHESIA at UK Synaesthesia Association’s Annual Conference in London

by kg

Romana Schuler attended the 8th UKSA Annual Conference in London and presented the DIGITAL SYNESTHESIA project to a wide audience of neuroscientists, artists and people with synesthetic abilities.

Stan VanDerBeek: Moviedrome (Installation at Venice Biennale, 2013) Photo: kg

The conference’s famous keynote speaker was Simon Baron-Cohen, Professor of Developmental Psychopathology at the University of Cambridge and Fellow at Trinity College, Cambridge, and Director of the Autism Research Centre in Cambridge. He is author of such celebrated publications on synesthesia as Mindblindness (1995), The Essential Difference (2003), Prenatal Testosterone in Mind (2005), and Zero Degrees of Empathy (2011).

Conference program