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01.02.15 | Events

DIGITAL SYNESTHESIA at the Vienna Science Ball 2015

by kg

DIGITAL SYNESTHESIA was representative of the University of Applied Arts Vienna at the first Vienna Science Ball in the Vienna city hall on January 31, 2015.

The ball which claims to represent “Vienna’s science and research community in its excellence and diversity” combines typical elements of a Viennese ball with contributions from Vienna’s universities. Felix Weisz, student at the Department of Digital Art, took the challenge to produce two video-loops with works form DIGITAL SYNESTHESIA artists, which were projected onto the ceilings of the city hall’s main ballroom. The visuals gave a magnificent impression of how digital art can create synesthetic experiences, and were acclaimed highly by the audience. Even Marc Abrahams, founder of the world famous Ig-Nobelprize, was deeply impressed by the ball’s (syn)aesthetics.