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30.10.14 | Events

David Strang on ‘transmission + interference’

by kg

DIGITAL SYNESTHESIA participating artist David Strang held a fascinating talk about his work between sound, image and space at the Department of Digital Art at University of Applied Arts Vienna.

David Strang

David Strang introduced his widespread research on sound as artistic material to an audience composed of young and senior artists and scholars as well as visitors from outside the University. In the presentation about his extensive work David introduced his long-term and ongoing artistic research project ‘transmission + interference’ which, in cooperation with Vincent van Uffelen, explores the creation, transmission, and interference of sound signals with light and other materials.

Besides its genuine synesthetic features in terms of cross-modal integration of vision and sound media, transmission + interference focusses on the research of building devices as well as on processes of collaborative creation and use of them. The sounds created resp. explored are built up from the pure, base elements (square/sine waves, noise) and enable users to produce very raw rhythms and frequencies across quite a wide spectrum of sound.

Drawing on a rich history of experimental and improvised music the synesthetic possibilities of ‘transmission + interference’ will be developed further on within the DIGITAL SYNESTHESIA research project.