The objective of the DIGITAL SYNESTHESIA research project is to provide an experimentation platform for the presentation of synesthetic mechanisms in the perception of digital artworks.

Finnbogi Petursson: OFF — 3Hz (Installation view 2013) Photo: kg

Transdisciplinary experimentation in various media

This experimentation platform is meant to be arranged in such a manner that the observation of the project process by artists, scholars and scientists becomes part of the research process and is incorporated in it by means of communicative and aesthetic feedback loops.

The experimentation structure is a spatial and temporal process that the artists and scholars produce together with experts from neurosciences and cognitive psychology. The production process itself and the research results encompass technical, aesthetic, reflexive, and textual design elements.

Examination of perception of synesthetic digital artworks

Digital technologies are a special field of artistic media. Due to their multimedia convergence, they address the senses of viewers in a crossmedia or multimodal way. Although this is also the case with other media – images, for instance, not only have a visual impact, but also produce auditory, olfactory, and haptic effects – in digital media art, the multisensory creative potentials are particularly diverse due to the binary translation process.

In order to examine this hypothesis, participating artists will produce works of digital art that enable synesthetic perception modes among viewers who are not classified as synesthetes.