• Photo: Anke Eckardt

    Anke Eckardt

    BETWEEN | YOU | AND | ME | 2011

    BETWEEN | YOU | AND | ME “… is a wall of sound and light. Like any other wall, it defines an architectural space. Given its ephemeral, dynamic media – ultrasound and beams of light – the wall can be perceived only when the visitor comes close and interacts with it. Two thin membranes of light form a visible frame filled with sound. Multichannel, extremely vectored hypersonic speakers render audible various textures of broken glass: a sound architecture within the wall, comprised of juxtaposed single sound beams, whose constellation changes depending on the visitor’s position. Observed from a distance, the wall fades away: clear transparency and only faintly resonant tones attest to its non-existence.”

    Primary sensory cross-modalities: KINESTHETICS, VISION, AUDIO, TOUCH

  • Photo: Katharina Gsöllpointner

    Anke Eckardt

    VERTICAL 2 | 2016

    In VERTICAL 2 confusion, disinformation and communication are provoked by a small white cuboid standing in a large exhibition space. It can be entered by one person at a time.
    Contradictory, even paradoxical spatial informations are produced via visual and audible stimuli. Low and small from the outside, the space gains unexpected height and thereby largeness when entered. The absence of consistency between the inner and outer perspective is furthermore deepened by another aspect to be experienced inside. The cuboid not only seems to open up vertically, but also downward below the feet.
    Inside the small cuboid of VERTICAL 2, the space seems to become an open vertical tunnel. Neuronal information about direction is given via reflected light, information about size via acoustic impulse responses. It might catch the visitor’s eye that the constructional elements of the cuboid are visible from the outside in a reductionist manner. Its building style lies open; there seem to be no secrets. The visitors are left alone with the ambivalence of their sensation.
    The realness of the outside world is considered to be independent of human observations. In this regard VERTICAL 2 appears to be an intentional aesthetic object that questions realness and enables visitors to synthesize virtuality.
    (Text: Anke Eckardt)

    Commissioned by DIGITAL SYNESTHESIA

    Primary cross-sensory modalities: KINESTHETICS, AUDIO, VISION