• Photo: Birgit & Peter Kainz


    Transmission+Interference | 2016

    This installation was created by David Strang and Vincent Van Uffelen and is part of their larger collaborative project Transmission+Interference. The artists explore the creative potential within light as both the creator and transmitter of sound and actively move away from creating visualizations of sound towards an audiovisual experience based on resonance and feedback loops between light, sound and object.

    Transmitter > Multi-Modal Crossover > Receiver

    Consisting of three parts, the interactive installation investigates the potential for using digital devices to create a synesthetic communication system. The installation draws on the different experiences of synesthetes and uses this to explore a messy and playful . (e.g. “A” is transmitted as yellow light and a 50 Hz sine wave) allowing a simulated synesthete to decode the text that has been transmitted through space. However, to get closer to a synesthetic communication process, the classic Transmitter -> Receiver pattern must be interrupted by a multi-modal crossover that mimics unique experience of light and sound. The visitor is able to adjust the multi-modal crossover to gain further understanding of a synesthete’s unique experience whilst interfering with a potentially flawless communication flow.
    (Text: David Strang/Vincent Van Uffelen)

    Commissioned by DIGITAL SYNESTHESIA

    Primary cross-sensory modalities: VISION, AUDIO, KINESTHETICS