• Wolfgang Georgsdorf

    Smeller 2.0 | 1996 - 2012

    SMELLER is a genuine organ, an olfactokinetic art device for composing, producing, interpreting, programming, recording, storing and playing back compositions made up of scents and scent chords.

    With the scent organ, thousands of scents can be played in place of music notes. They exude pure music for the nose, abstract or narrative, besides offering further possibilities to combine scents and commingle them with sound, image, film, theater or dance.

    SMELLER 2.0, as an installation in closed or half-open spaces, coalesces into a true OLFACTORIUM.

    ”A gentle, hardly perceptible fresh breeze wafts across the room, inoculated with identity codes and suggestive auras of atmospheres and moments, of times and spaces, each supported and held by their immediately recognizable sounds. In the corners of the room swirl forlorn eddies of scent-laden air, slowly and invisibly intertwining.” (Wolfgang Georgsdorf)

    Primary sensory cross-modalities: SMELL, VISION, KINAESTHETICS