• Foto: Birgit & Peter Kainz


    IN_SIDE VIEW | 2016

    IN_SIDE VIEW is an installation whereby the viewer, seated in a chair, is able to explore a series of stereoscopic panoramic photos using a Samsung Gear VR HMD (head mounted display). Turning the chair rotates these panoramic scenes, which offer a conjunction of photos of Angkor Wat of foliage amalgamated with stone, and of the interior of a Sydney hardware store after it had been ravaged by fire. The viewer controls these changes of scene using a tongue operated switch that is held in the mouth, and this switch connects via Bluetooth to the HMD.

    In IN_SIDE VIEW senses are senselessly conjoined, the world put back together, ‘an incessant shower of innumerable atoms’ (ibid), seeing oneself as another, in side out, in the circle of confusion, amongst trees / stone-scaled / snake roots // eyed / tongue in cheek / switchback // past / future! / present // cable / tie // wrap / around // heady / giddy / techy / tacky / vroom // memory / aromatic / terror // ruination / fervid bedlam. The where-with-all in_side a pataphysical allegory for the multi-sensory encounter between the body and the perceptual imaginary, between nature, manufacture and ataxia.

    (Text: Jeffrey Shaw/Sarah Kenderdine)

    Commissioned by DIGITAL SYNESTHESIA

    Panoramic photos of Angkor Wat: Jeffrey Shaw and Sarah Kenderdine
    Panoramic 3D photos of a fire-damaged hardware store in Sydney: Jeffrey Shaw and Volker Kuchelmeister
    Application software: Leith Chan
    Hardware: Samsung Gear VR, Conceptus tongue switch

    Primary cross-sensory modalities: TASTE, TOUCH, VISION, KINESTHETICS