• I am Sound/Jeffrey


    I am Sound | 2016

    The installation I am Sound by Tamiko Thiel and Christoph Reiserer is in fact a musical instrument system. Presented as a darkened room with a pool of light indicating where the visitor should stand, it is composed of three vital parts: hardware, software and the viewer. The hardware consists of a ‘curtain’ of 12 aluminum plates which are tuned to vibrate at frequencies which produce specific tones and their harmonics. The plates function as both loudspeakers and a projection screen. A small camera and microphone captures information from the viewer; a willing participant who, facing the camera and microphone, looks forward to where their face is projected in front of them onto the plates. The visible image is how the machine interprets the visual information received: grey, pixelated, in jittery motion, fragmented and framed by green lines as the algorithms select and transform this mirror of the self into data. Converted into data, the face, captured as a low-resolution surveillance image, is digital information which vibrates, emitting unique, harmonious audio created specifically from the data obtained from each individual facing the camera. What is revealed, an augmented, amplified selfie portrait, becomes a personal musical ‘voice’ of the subject with interconnected harmonic tones.

    (Text: Kathy Rae Huffman)