• Arthur Elsenaar: Body Convention (1993) Photo: Josephine Jasperse

    Arthur Elsenaar

    Body Convention | 1993

    Live performance with muscle stimulus electronics, microwave movement detector and an image of a Dutch sausage. Performers personal zone was electronically extended into space by means of a portable radar detector. Whenever a member of the audience entered the performers zone, its proximity and movement were proportionally translated into increasingly powerful electrical stimulation (shocks) of the facial and trapezius muscles. This presented a dual image of pain in the face and of nonchalance by the shrugging of the shoulders.

    Primary sensory cross-modalities: TOUCH, VISION, PROPRIOCEPTION, KINESTHETICS



  • Arthur Elsenaar

    Head Turner | 1993

    (a.k.a. Sternocleidomastoid)
    Live performance where the sternocleidomastoid muscles that turn the head leftward or rightward were directly wired to the sound levels of two microphones placed at either side of the head. Audience members could ‘battle’ for attention, but when the sound levels were equal, the head, by means of the body mechanics, would fall forward, negating either side.
    Primary sensory cross-modalities: TOUCH, VISION, AUDIO, PROPRIOCEPTION, KINAESTHETICS