• Foto: Martin Kusch

    kondition pluriel

    At Play | 2016

    At Play is a responsive audio-visual environment that invites visitors to create their own sculptural combinations with plastic storage bins to build the architectural landscape of the installation.
    Miniature versions of containers that carry goods to world markets, these everyday plastic bins are there to be playfully moved around by visitors to the exhibition, like pieces of a puzzle.
    The boxes are integrated into a pattern recognition system that matches each sculptural composition with a particular visual and sonic atmosphere. Both image and sound undergo a series of transformations in real time that imbuesthe grey boxes witha mysterious expressive power that has political undertones.
    The construction boxes of At Play are symbolic objects of both childhood and the adult world, in a globalized world waiting to be reinvented. The boxes ultimately become information units, the visitors potential catalysts of change, and the installation a transformation platform.
    (Text: Martin Kusch/Marie-Claude Poulin)

    Produced by:
    kondition pluriel
    in co-production with the DIGITAL SYNESTHESIA Group

    With the support of:
    Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec (CALQ)
    Conseil des arts du Canada (CAC)

    Concept and idea: Martin Kusch and Marie-Claude Poulin
    Artistic direction: Martin Kusch and Marie-Claude Poulin
    Interactive design and media content: Martin Kusch and Johannes Hucek
    Visual programming and technical setup: Johannes Hucek
    Sound: Alexandre St-Onge

    Primary cross-sensory modalities: KINESTHETICS, TOUCH, VISION, AUDIO

  • kondition pluriel

    Diver | 2016

    Diver is an interactive installation for virtual reality headsets. Visitors are invited to re-arrange multiple viewpoints pre-recorded by eight cameras attached to the body of an Olympic diver. The work exploits this medium to reveal hidden faces of a reality seen from the inside: an acrobatic feat, a free fall, and a striking aquatic impact.
    The visual, audio and biometric data collected from the diver’s body constitutes the basic material for the installation, adaptable to three formats: an immersive fulldome scenario; dynamic or multi-screen projection in a gallery setting; a giant urban screen. By moving about or by using their smart-phones, visitors and passersby modify the simultaneously-transmitted viewpoints, changing their sequence, transforming and recombining them, drastically slowing them down or speeding them up. The orchestration of these mobile, dynamic viewpoints offers as many possibilities for visual compositions as there are diving figures. In collaboration with other viewers, the participants become the co-authors of an augmented, utopical work.
    In Diver, positioning and tracking technology separates the components of the action, then recombines them in various layers to create relationships between the media-created space, the recorded space, and the real space. The generic athletic body is made accessible to the non-athletic bodies of the viewers, via their physical involvement.
    This work reflects the tension between representation and performance, between the organic and the mechanical, and between the centralization of control and its apportionment. The central question is, what becomes of this body? The repeated image sequences of the dive transform it into an inextricable post- human machine. A hyper-networked-body, encased in environments both immediate and distant; a social and autopoeitic entity revealing cyber-kinesthesia, that allows us to see other possibles.

    Produced by:
    kondition pluriel
    in co-production with the DIGITAL SYNESTHESIA Group

    With the support of:
    Conseil des Arts et des Lettres du Québec (CALQ)
    Conseil des Arts du Canada (CAC)

    Concept and artistic direction: Martin Kusch
    Image Capture: Johannes Hucek, Martin Kusch, Thomas Hochwallner
    VR Media environment: Martin Kusch, Patrik Lechner, assistance Johannes Hucek
    Programming: Patrik Lechner
    Sound: Alexandre St-Onge
    Divers: Adrià Garcia Closa, Judith Flores.

    Primary cross-sensory modalities: KINESTHETICS, VISION, AUDIO

  • Photo: Dominic Paquin

    kondition pluriel

    Intérieur | 2010/2011

    Intérieur is one of the rare dance-and-media performances in the world to be specifically conceived for an immersive environment. The work was presented as the inaugural event of the Satosphère, an immersive dome-shaped theater devoted to artistic experimentation combining digital media, live performance, and culinary arts. The piece is an obsessive procession, a world where the unknown wields fascination and disgust, attraction and repulsion. In the attempt to provoke a feeling of extreme sensorial empathy in the spectator, Intérieur combines the experience of an immersive media environment with savory delights and the excitement of a dance performance…

    Skies of liquid architecture and textures, orbital movements and navigations in imaginary geometries, will alter the perception of gravity. Above the spectators’ heads and all around them, images will seem to charge at them: liquid textures possibly referring to flesh, faces anxious and oppressive, running along the walls of the dome. Engaged in victual consumption and social rituals, the public becomes an integral part of a multi-sensory happening involving several senses: taste, touch, vision, smell, hearing, and movement.”

    Primary sensory cross-modalities: TASTE, TOUCH, VISION, SMELL, AUDIO, KINESTHETICS