The DIGITAL SYNESTHESIA project (2013 – 2016) is a transdisciplinary artistic research area which explores the (syn-)aesthetics of digital art. It especially focuses on its technological, aesthetic and media conditions which make it possible to provide synesthetic experiences for individuals.

The project website serves as a workspace for discussions on the topic. Amongst other propositions the subpage ART PROJECTS suggests a number of media based art works which serve as examples for art based research on (digital) synesthesia. This list of art projects will be gradually supplemented with further examples as well as projects realized by artists who are invited to take part in the research process.


Ruth Schnell: Topography of Movement (2016). Installation view at Run Run Shaw Center of Creative Media, City University Hong Kong @ ISEA 2016

16.05.16 | Events

The DIGITAL SYNESTHESIA exhibition is shown at ISEA 2016 in Hong Kong from May 17 to 22, 2016. The show ...Read more


02.05.16 | Knowledge

We are delighted to announce that the DIGITAL SYNESTHESIA publication, edited by Katharina Gsöllpointner, Ruth Schnell and Romana Schuler, is ...Read more


27.02.16 | Events Knowledge

An international Symposium on Synesthesia and Digital Art is held on April 4 & 5, 2016 at University of Applied Arts ...Read more